Help and support is available 24/7

  1. Customers will get access to full documentation
  2. Whitepapers on how to run your business will be made available
  3. Technical issues that are the fault of GenusSales are fully supported1
  4. Your Data is backed Up2
  5. FAQs
  6. Custom consulting and changes are available for a charge
  7. Live phone support is avaiable3

1. Technical errors due to users computer setup or viruses on the users system will not be supported by GenusSales. Errors that are supported include database errors, scripting errors.
2. Data back up plans are once per week standard, more than once per week can be arranged at a small monthly charge.
3. Default support plan is email only. Phone support is per deium.

For the individual

If you're a small studio then this is the package for you.


Two or more teachers

Track payroll and more


For the successful studio

Unlimited Students, unlimited access