Studio Edition

For the larger studio

When you run a larger studio you have to deal with, not only with students, but employees. Now you need class management, student management and payroll management.

Lessons learned from other studios help drive the business solution that is GenusSales Studio. It comes in three editions; small, medium and large. All offer the exact same functionality, the only difference is the maximum number of teachers and students.


There are other providers of solutions out there for your business. We can tell you that none of them offer the same functionality at our price point. We are so confident of that point that we make it easy to find our competition right on our pricelist page.

If you are using an application that you must install then your costs of running that application are far higher than you think. You will be responsible for all technical support, including backups and updates. One mistake and all your data is lost.

Other hosted solutions are out there. They're either too expensive or far too complex. Often because the developer has tried to solve many problems for many different markets. We're focused on one market and we'll solve problems only for that market. The result is our system is faster, better and easier to use.

Why Pay More if you have More than One Location?

The practice of charging a per seat or per site license fee is over 20 years old. The Software-as-a-service model disrupts this practice because we can offer you a set price for all your users, all your sites.

Why Pay for Functionality you will Never Use?

In the drive to solve problems for many markets a product will increase in functionality, complexity and price. Why? Simple, someone has to pay for the development, even customers who will never use the function in the first place.

Our pricing model and our solution is designed to work for you. We won't be attempting to solve problems outside of our market and that will keep our costs down. Those savings are passed right back to you.

For the individual

If you're a small studio then this is the package for you.


Two or more teachers

Track payroll and more


For the successful studio

Unlimited Students, unlimited access