Solo Edition

All you need to run your business, from $10.00 per month

There are no solutions on the market today that takes into consideration the needs of the small, individually run, studio. Cash-flow is very tight and the business administration needs are a personal time killer.


Most of these independent owners use a home-grown paper and pen or Excel approach. That means two things: The owner spends a lot of time doing administration and that impacts their family time. Also, the owner is worried about growth because growth means more time spent doing administration.

Owners are running the business with very little visibility because the time to collect all the data and create a valid report may not exist.

If any of the above is familiar then you need GenusSales Solo!. Solo! will help you gain control of your business and relieve a lot of stress.

If you're doing paperwork, you're not teaching a class. If you're not teaching a class you're not making money.

GenusSales Solo! Edition will do the paperwork; it tracks students, billing (including arrears and bad debt), payment and attendance. Reports will show you revenue results (including discounts) by month, week or year, class popularity and marketing campagin results.

The time saving alone will be worth more than the $10.00 monthly fee, but the added value is that now you'll now how your business is doing and you'll know that the methods used by other successful studios are now being used by you.

Our price point was carefully thought out, we want to help the small studio grow up the value chain If you're successful then we're successful and we'll gladly upgrade you to GenusSales Duet! or Studio.

If you're a small studio owner get GenusSales Solo! today.

For the individual

If you're a small studio then this is the package for you.


Two or more teachers

Track payroll and more


For the successful studio

Unlimited Students, unlimited access