Product Offerings

GenusSales is not a module based solution. You do not have to pay more to get more. It is a complete solution, once you sign up you get all the features you need to run your studio.

Best of all Genus is always being improved. We get many requests for additional features from small and large studios and we design and build many of these requests into the system. You get the benefit of other studios thinking about how to run a better studio.

There are no hidden charges for all these features. When you signup for GenusSales you get them all. No other solution can beat that.

GenusSales is fully integrated, so it is easy to move from billing to attendance to news with simple mouse clicks. The interface is consistant and easy to learn and looks professional without being overly complicated.

There are no extra charges based on the number of locations or studios. You can run as many as you can manage.

You can be up in running in as little as HALF AN HOUR!!

For the individual

If you're a small studio then this is the package for you.


Two or more teachers

Track payroll and more


For the successful studio

Unlimited Students, unlimited access