GenusSales is a complete solution

You might be a great teacher, even a wonderful boss, but are you running a successful studio and running it well? That is an important question. If you are not making the right decisions then you won't be able to stay in business for long.

The operations of your studio requires the same laser focus from you as your students do: Payment data needs to be kept current, student lists must be maintained, payroll must be managed, attendance must be tracked and you need reports so you can make the right decisions when needed.

GenusSales takes the confusion out of how to manage your business since GenusSales has already worked out a best practice for you. What that means is you can focus on teaching and GenusSales will run your back end operations.

That doesn't mean GenusSales is a complicated tool. It has been designed for real people, not technophiles. People like yourself who have important things to do

Contact and Marketing Management

Running your business means more that simply tracking the names and addresses of your students; you need to understand what are the sources of these students. Which marketing campaign drove them to contact you, and how much revenue has been generated from that campaign. Some marketing campagins will generate many leads, others will generate fewer leads but more revenue. You need to know which is which.

Student Portal

GenusSales has a full rich student portal. Your Students can sign in securely, update their contact data, review studio news, view sessions and signup. They can also buy credits or other services you offer. If they have an outstanding invoice they can pay that as well.

The Student Portal allows you to externalize the cost of administration to your students. They benefit and you benefit.

Sales Management

Product and Payment offerings increase the number of students who will want to work with you. And you need the ability to keep your cash flow steady to cover the monthly costs of running your business. GenusSales, unlike virtually all the other players in this market, offers you the ability to run a subscription service with deferred payment management. That means you can easily sign up students for multi-month or yearly periods. Best of all the deferred items are tracked by the system and on the due date move automatically to your accounts recievable. If you have setup a subscription payment service with an online payment gateway, such as PayPal, then you will also be notified of automatic payments.

GenusSales manages the Order to Cash process for you, it also manages student credits and attendance. You no longer need to manually track which student has what credits, and how many have they used up. GenusSales allows you to setup many different type of credit offerings, example Standard Class or Private Class credits. Only students with active credits can take part in a class, and GenusSale makes it simple and quick to bill drop-ins.

Class and Studio Management

If you have multiple studios at one or more locations, with many instructors, GenusSales allows you to easily schedule instructors and teachers. And since GenusSales is web-based you can log on and check attendance for any class at any studio anytime, anywhere.

Regardless of how many studios or locations you have, GenusSales has no extra charges.

Staffing and Payroll Management

Different instructors may have different skills, and so demand different pay rates. As they teach classes GenusSales keeps track of how much salary is owed and to who. In a single view you can see all your staff members, how many classes they have taught and if any money is owed.

Reports and Analytics

All the data collected won't help you unless you can bring it all together and make it understandable. Which classes are popular, which marketing campagin worked, which student has paid (and how much), who owes money (and how much), how many student credits are outstanding, how much revenue was generated last year or last week? These questions and more are answered in the Reports view.

Student360 and Instructor360

GenusSales keeps all facits of student and instructor information and puts in together in the 360 view. You can easily view a students class, payment or credit history. When a student shows up to take a class, and that student has an outstanding bill, GenusSales tells you when they sign in. For instructors you can see their class history, activity history and payment history.

It is an end-to-end Solution for your studio

If you have a computer and a web browser you're ready to use GenusSales.

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