Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Studios are supported?

The business model in GenusSales is for any TYPE of studio where you have students, teachers and classes. It doesn't matter if the class location is your basement or a local church or you own a large modern facilty. GenusSales will support Yoga/Pilates, Fitness, Music, Art or Karate studios with ease.

I am not very computer savvy, will I be able to use GenusSales?

Yes, even more so than any other solution. GenusSales is hosted, that means we take care of all the technical support issues such as patches, virus checks, backup and hardware upgrades or fixes. All you need is a browser and access to the internet. Using GenusSales is also very straightforward. During development we met with different Studio owners and recieved feedback on how the system should look and feel. That feedback was then used to modify GenusSales to ensure that it was both powerful and easy-to-use.

I have many locations, is there an extra charge per location?

NO. GenusSales does not charge per location. So you could have one Studio in your basement, or 10 different studios located around the country. Your charge is based on the size of your business, not the location.

Do you host GenusSales yourself?

NO. GenusSales is hosted by webstrikesolutions, one of the largest hosting companies in the world. For more information on webstrikesolutions, visit their website.

How are you able to keep your costs so low?

We keep our costs low by not trying to solve all problems for all people. That means we've designed our systems to be simple and to do only what it does. Complicated technology is not a standard feature (but is available via custom solutions at a higher monthly cost). The design of the back end system uses proven methods, nothing trendy or expensive. The result is that we've used a commodity approach and can price low.

I use Linux, can I use your GenusSales?

YES. GenusSales is not "thick-client", so there is nothing to install on your local machine. We've designed the interface to work with all popular browsers and have tested on Microsoft, Linux and Apple machines to ensure it will work.

Do I need a powerful machine to run GenusSales?

NO. GenusSales is a serverside application hosted by us. All the computer intensive work is done by us, you'll see the results in your web-browser. It may take a second-or-two, but that effort is ours, not yours.

How long does it take to setup GenusSales?

Once you have figured out which edition fits your needs, you need to contact sales and arrange to have an account created. After that and payment has been arranged the setup time is about 30 minutes. If you have students that you would like to import into GenusSales that can be arranged for a small one-time charge. I'm a small Studio, but I want some of the features of the Large Studio edition, can I get them?

YES. But there are small monthly charges for those features added to your standard charge. See our price list.

Will you customize your product to fit our unique needs?

NO. GenusSales aims to be a best practise, not a customized fit-one-only solution. If you have a business model that you believe gives you an advantage over the competition then tell us and we'll work it into the process. But we will not create a version of the tool just for you. Two reasons. First that will cost you a lot of money and second it will make managing your solution more expensive for us (which in turn means we'll charge you even more money).

Can I use another payment gateway other than Paypal? Such as Google?

YES. We picked Paypal because it is easy and free to setup and generally well known. If you have a POS terminal at your studio you can use that, and simply scan in or key in the authorization codes during billing. In time we'll build links to other solutions.

Can I manage email campagins in GenusSales?

YE you can. Genus includes a simple email tool. If you want a fully functional email tool we recommend the use of a third party email tool such as MailerFree (Link). You can easily export your student listings to these tools and run campaigns. We don't plan to compete with these solutions because they work so well.

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