Duo Edition

For the Partner run Studio, starting at $23.00 per month

If you've decided to partner with another instructor or have decided to hire another instructor to help you teach you will face new management issues that you did not have when you were alone.


In a true partnership the students are shared. That means it is even more crucial to track which student has paid and how many class credits to they have.

Student History

Unlike before, when you were Solo, you may not have a history with the person who shows up for your class, Duo allows you to quickly get a 360 degree view of all students.

Another benefit is that now activities can be assigned to your partner and they'll see it on their homepage when they log into Duo.

Like Solo most of the administration work is managed by the system; billing, payment and class attendance. You and your partner can focus on teaching.

For users of Solo! who have moved to Duet there is no learning curve. Duo works exactly like Solo except that the number of allowed students has doubled, you have another partner who can log in and use the system and you have activity management.

Like Solo Duo is value priced starting at only $23.00 per month for BOTH users.

Like Solo, our price point was carefully thought out, we want to help the small studio move up the value chain If you're successful then we're successful and we'll gladly move you towards GenusSales Studio Edition

Partnerships need Duo.

For the individual

If you're a small studio then this is the package for you.


Two or more teachers

Track payroll and more


For the successful studio

Unlimited Students, unlimited access