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Like all good things, GenusSales was created because it was needed and the right people at the right time were at the right place.

There are two sides to the Genus team; the developers and a few studio owners. The studio owners were running into billing problems as their volume of customers increased. They also were running into problems tracking who had credits, what type of credits, and had those credits been used or not? The use of paper, excel and brain power was proving to be a failure. What was needed was a system to track it all for them.


At exactly the same time a development team with over 20 years IT experience, including over 10 in the Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management side, heard the cries for help. The first answer was to find and buy or rent a solution that does it for you.

Right from the start the major software players were scratched off of the list; Siebel, and the others were simply too expensive and too complex. Worse, they simply didn't have the correct business model embedded within the system to manage a studio. Custom configuration was simply out-of-the-question.

A software/business analyst then started gathering requirements to get a better understanding of the studio business model, and what was needed to run a successful studio from a systems point-of-view. Then they started to look for a solution among all the small players in the SFA field. What they discovered was that the solutions were either not well thought out, too expensive, or too difficult for the intended audience to use. The decision to write a custom solution was then made.

Using a successful and fast growing medium size studio as a model, the product was developed.

With feedback from the owners a best-practice method for running a succesful studio was built right into the system. Odd business practices that actually hurt your profitability are not easily done with GenusSales. The centralized repository ensures all contact points with the student are tracked, and the instructors are aware of billing problems or outstanding actions.

Selling and product models that best help studios keep cash-flow were fully support by all editions, and that includes an easy to understand and automated DEFERRED PAYMENT process. Now you can offer your customers yearly subscriptions to your studio and not worry about losing track of which payment is due.

However no solution is a good solution if it is too difficult for the audience to use. The system went through many changes to ensure that ease-of-use was not lost in a functionality pile-on.

The result is GenusSales, a complete end-to-end solution for your studio.


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